According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a safe room is a hardened structure specifically designed to meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) criteria and provide near-absolute protection in extreme weather events, including tornadoes and hurricanes.  Depending on your location a safe room may be referred to as a tornado safe room or a hurricane safe room.  The resilient, reinforced insulated concrete form walls provided by TF are ideal for stand-alone or in-home FEMA-compliant safe rooms.

We've put together a FEMA 320 compliant above ground Safe Room Kit for your residential or commercial needs.  This safe room kit can be customized for different sizes based on your needs however, prices will vary.  

FEMA Compliant TF ICF Vertical Safe Room Plan



An 8' x 8' (outside dimensions) FEMA Compliant Safe Room Built with TF Insulated Concrete Forms

TF Material $1,003.00                                                       
TF Material for 4 foot Frost Wall $   540.00
8" Insuldeck Ceiling $   490.00
TOTAL $2,033.00




A 14' x 14' (outside dimensions) FEMA Compliant Safe Room Built with TF Insulated Concrete Forms

TF Material $1,657.00
TF Material for 4 foot Frost Wall $   868.00
8" Insuldeck Ceiling $1,112.00
TOTAL $3,637.00                                                     




These prices are valid until December 31, 2017.  To order your safe room kit, please call 1.800.360.4634.

TF Forming Systems does not provide the FEMA approved door for your safe room.  There are many to choose from.  For the latest guidelines and links to doors, please viist FEMA.GOV website.



Did you know that you have an option to build a home, church, multi-family unit, commercial building or any other structure to be a complete SAFE Building?  Many times home owners do not realize that these options are available to them.  All homes and buildings can be constructed out of insulated concrete forms creating a safe structure for their family, employees, and customers.


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