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Answers to Common Insulated Concrete Form Home Presumptions

By on 11/10/2015
TF Formin Systems Insulated Concrete Forms for HomeIs there a better way to build a home than a traditional stick built home?

Today homeowners face an ever increasing difficulty when deciding which product(s) to utilize to build their dream home. In the past the easy choice in the US has been building with wood (stick-frame). As consumers become more aware of their surroundings and their environment, some less conventional yet better quality options are being utilized. Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF’s are rapidly becoming one of the most widely used, non-conventional, building systems around the country.

Homeowners find themselves struggling to make the choice to build a better, safer home or take the road of a conventional build.  Building a home is typically one of the largest financial investments one will make in their lifetime.  A homeowner should invest time researching and choosing to build a better home that will provide the homeowner with a lifetime of benefits that really are priceless. 

What are some of the most common questions or presumptions a homeowner uses to talk themselves out of that lifetime peace of mind?

Q. Building better always costs more money that may never be recouped.

A. Building a concrete home with TF Forming Systems, Insulated Concrete Forms is typically at an upfront cost of 6-7% more than a traditional home. If my mortgage would be $250,000 with a traditional home it would be $266,000 with a TF home. Using a 4.5% interest rate over 30 years you would add $81.00 per month to the mortgage for the Insulated Concrete Form home. A TF Forming Systems home will save you 50% on your energy bill every single month. If your average energy bill would be $150.00 per month you would save $75.00 per month. Most insurance companies offer a discount for a masonry home because they last much longer, increase the fire resistance, require less maintenance, do not support mold and mildew, hold up to natural disasters and much more. That discount is normally about 7-8%. So in this example, if your homeowners insurance would be $1000 per year the savings would be $6 per month.  With just those two benefits alone, you are already at a break even payment. Now consider that you stay in your dream home after the home is paid for, the savings continue on your energy bill and on your insurance premiums thus putting money into your pocket. 
Insulated Concrete Form Home built with TF Forming Systems
Q. It will be hard to find a builder that is familiar with building a better home and most builders try to talk us out of a better building. 

A. TF Forming Systems can help find a qualified builder who prides themselves on building a home that is energy efficient and disaster resistant. Builders try to talk homeowners out of a better home because they are very resistant to change. The building industry is one of the slowest industries to adopt change, even if that change is much better for their customers. If a builder is trying to talk you out of a better built home, the first thing you should immediately do is to be suspicious of their quality of work and willingness to work with you on other aspects of the home. TF Forming Systems will train all new customers (contractors) to ensure a successful build with their Insulated Concrete Forming (ICF) systems.

Q. Building a better home will take more time.

A. Building with TF Forming Systems can actually save time. Insulated Concrete Forms incorporate three steps in the building process down to one. The wall forms are your insulation and studs for attaching siding and drywall. 

There are many benefits to building your home with TF Forming Systems. Homeowners should insist that their builder take the time to include an option for a much more energy efficient and disaster resistant home. There are no better options than a concrete home using vertical insulated concrete forms.



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