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Lumber Prices Rise

The price of lumber, from framing to structural panels, has increased in recent weeks with some prices rising more than 30%.


Concrete Home Takes Shape for Habitat

A summer building project is providing a first home for a young Antigo couple and teaching a new mix of skills to local volunteers.

One Of The Largest Homes In the US

Steve Huff's 72,000-square-foot home isn't only impressive for its size -- it's being built to last thousands of years.

Lessons From the Ultimate Safe House

Hard-core building owners are testing materials and technology that could change home building for the rest of us.


Thinking outside the "Block"

By on 6/24/2014

Thinking outside the "BLOCK" is how ThermoForm was designed! It's the original and most widely used vertical ICF. We went VERTICAL instead of following the traditional horizontal methods, which allows the builder/installer more versatility, speed and ease of construction. With the ICF panels and studs produced vertically, materials ship flat and can be pre-cut to exact wall heights. ThermoForm can utilize up to 6" thick foam panels for increased R-values. This advanced system installs quick and efficient, resulting in faster builds with very little waste.

* Curved Walls?   NO PROBLEM!

* Tall Walls?    NO PROBLEM!

* 24" Thick Concrete?    NO PROBLEM!

* Want an Energy Efficient Structure?    NO PROBLEM!

* Need Disaster Resistance?    NO PROBLEM!


ThermoForm is capable of doing anything you want in the design of your building - residential or commercial! Contact us for more information.



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