Ease of Building with Insulated Concrete Forms

You’ll Love ICF's...So Will your Builder.

Energy & Livability

Insulated concrete homes use significantly less energy to heat and cool—an estimated 40 percent less for heating and 30 percent less for air conditioning. This translates into monthly savings, and an indoor environment with ambient temperatures and fewer drafts, prevention airborne contaminants and a green building that is friendlier to the environment. An insulated concrete home is a pleasure for you and a benefit to the planet.



Strength & Durability

The walls of an insulated concrete home are steel-reinforced concrete.  Their strength far exceeds conventional construction. The insulated concrete home stands up much better to disasters like high winds. The walls won’t settle, creak, warp, rot, mildew, rust or even vibrate when you slam a door. The materials are not a food source for insects, mold or rodents. Insulated concrete home walls are so dense they cut the amount of sound that comes in from outside by over half.  With a TF Forming System, you surround yourself with various forms of strength and security.

TF designed its forming system to make the job easier—faster to learn, less special equipment, fewer pieces, more versatility, streamlined construction, easier to do the job right. For a contractor, it takes a lot of the pain out of building an insulated concrete home. For you, it can make it easier to get a builder to do your insulated concrete home, and get quality results.

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